I offer all types of training in a purposely laid out field with training lane, various jumps to accommodate all ages,
water for novice and advanced dogs.
As a gundog trainer close to the Cornwall/Devon Border, I am easily accessible for those looking to get the best out of their dog.


September and October

I am offering training days on live game for the more experienced spaniel and already have
the basics in steadiness to game and are accustomed to gunshot.
You can further both your own and your dogs experience in a real shooting atmosphere
Numbers will be limited, so not to be disappointed, book early

Please contact me for more information regarding dates etc


Group training starting

9th April

Informative, helpful and enjoyable, these classes have been a great sucess
- Regular sessions running throughout the summer
- One-to-one training also available

Please contact me for further details

Training Available

  • Basic Training
    - a must for all handlers, the basic foundation of all good dog training starts with sit, stay, return, lead and heelwork

  • One to One Training for handler and dog
    - this is usually gundog based training to train for shooting, picking up, tests and trialing.
    Come to me with your dog, we can discuss your requirements and I will tutor you and your dog on whatever you feel you need

  • Puppy Training to encourage good basics and learn what to do with puppies destined for gundog work

  • Group Training Classes available

    - this also helps encourage controlled socilaisation and general obedience around other dogs

  • Rabbit Pen for hire

    - The rabbit pen is a well stocked with mixed wild rabbits, pheasants and partridge 1 acre in size with natural cover of mostly rushes. If used correctly, it can help develop steadiness to fur and feather to its highest degree in a relatively short time. It can also be used to give a reluctant puppy more enthusiasm when hunting and investigating cover. These days this is an invaluable tool for introduction to game creating stop to flush and working with the distraction of game. The rabbit pen is the best way to produce multiple contact flushes in order to steady a dog quickly. It is a great asset to training as it allows the handler to introduce a young dog to hunt, find and flush game within a controlled environment. It can also be used correct faults such as chasing, running in, and other general bad habits. Used during the summer months it is good way to keep a dog on form and ready for the coming season

 Understanding Training

Edwardiana Bubble of Woodabudge in Training